Another long run out of the way!

Posted on: 02 Mar 2008

Was surprised today that the weather wasn't as bad as expected, bright and a bit of sunshine not too cold and a bit of a wind at times. Another 20 mile run planned but didn't decide on the route until I set off and changed it as I went along - still managed to add in a few hills ready for the Spen 20!

I felt really good and it was a comfortable run until about 17-18 miles when I began to feel tired. I'd taken my gels and had my LucoBull with me so everything went well.  I finished 20 miles in 2:49.25 averaging 8:28 per mile.

Here's the graph of the route showing the couple of hills I managed to include...

The hill after 12.5 miles was tough and the only mile where I dropped below 9 min miles with a 9:13, but got back on track on the downhill with an 8:07 for the next mile!

I hope you all had a great time at the Reading Half, I'm off now to see how you all did.

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