Much needed recovery run

Posted on: 17 Mar 2008

My legs felt very achey after all the up and down hill yesterday especially mu quads after the steep downhill in mile 19, but I'd planned ahead and booked a massage for this lunchtime and had 45 minutes of relaxing massage on my legs.

Felt better this afternoon but still a bit sore so tonight's session at the track suited me well...

I did 2.5 miles warm up and then timed the group as they did a 6 minute test - see how far they can run in 6  minutes simple!  Mark led the way with 1620m, followed by Adam with 1600m, Robert (Karl's youngest son) with 1520m, Karl with 1510m, Darren 1500m, Emily 1350m and Andrea 1340m. 

I use the distances for a 6 x 2 minutes session in a couple of weeks where they will have a distance to run in 2 minutes based on the distance in 6 minutes - if they all run to pace they should cross the line at the same time.  This gives the slower runners a chance to run from the front and try to stay ahead and the quicker ones have to chase everyone to finish at the right time.

After a jog recovery they did 5 x 150m sprints with walk back recovery and I then joined them for a mile warm down giving me a total of 3.5 miles and much less achey legs  Purfect!

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