Recovery run

Posted on: 03 Apr 2008

Well no aches and pain after last night's race and we had a road run planned at the club - the pace depends on who turns up.  There were just 6 of us tonight and 3 of us had run last night, so a recovery run was decided on.

We did 3.7 miles chatting most of the way and waitied at a couple of points for Jane and Emily to catch up as they were aching after last night so I didn't mind. In the last half mile I let Adam and Emma pick up the pace and wen with them part of the way then just eased down and jogged in for the last 100m.

Still good run and enjoyed the light night for once! Doing my last track session on Saturday 10 x 800m in 3:30 with 400m recovery in same time. Then next week it'll be easy running all round.

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