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Posted on: 31 Mar 2008

After a lovely day in the Lake District, visiting Holker Hall (and Grange over Sands) where there's a beautiful house, gardens and a Motor Museum.  The house is still lived in by the Cavendish fanily and the part that is open to the public has no ropes stopping you looking closely at things - they just ask you not to touch or sit on furniture but you can walk all around the rooms and look at everything.

The gardens are amazing and we even had a robin sat on a branch about 2 foot away from us just chirping away! The motor museum had some amazing old cars but the main attraction is the replica Bluebird that Donald Campbell used to set water speed records on nearby Coniston.

Well back to some running, I went on the track tonight and we were doing a 6 x 2 minutes session and the distance for each 2 minute effort was set for each athlete based on how far they ran in the 6 minute test we did a few weeks ago.  I took one third of the athletes 6 minute distance and added approx 5 % of the distance. They each had a startr point around the track and if they ran to the correct pace they'd all finish at the same line... Didn't always work but there were some great runs from the young and older athletes.

The ones who did less distance in 6 minutes had less to cover for the 2 minute effort and they were the ones who consistently passed the finish line before the 2 minutes were up, indicating they may be better at shorter distances than long or they didn't work very hard on the 6 minute test. 

I did 6 x 550m and as I was timing the sessions I was always close to the finish line, but this meant I had to do the first 150m in 30s leaving me 1:30 for 400m (6 minute miling) which meant I really had to work hard.  With a mile warm up and down I covered around 4.25 miles in the session.

Rest tomorrow and a local 5k road race on Wednesday where I may just run and not race as some of my young athletes are running, but I'll see how I feel on the night... any thoughts?

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