Definitely tapering...

Posted on: 07 Apr 2008

Well I'm seriously tapering and not even being tempted to run hard.

I went to the Club where I'd planned a tough session for the group - 6 x 90s hard with 60s recovery jog, then 5 x 60s hard with 30s recoveries. I jogged the 1 mile warm up and the 1 mile warm down and did a few of the 90s with 2 new athletes Ella and Sarah who moved up from the younger group tonight and I didn't want them to be intimidated by a tough session and they only did alternate efforts so did 3 x 90s with 3:30 recovery and 3 x 60s with 2 mins recovery.  Although they finished tired they did very well for their first night.

In total I did 4 miles mainly slow just a couple of bursts of speed as I ran alongside some of the quicker athletes. So nice and rested and tomorrow I hope to do 3-4 miles with Wendy at lunch - if it's not snowing too much!

Anyone heard how Amanda did in Paris?  I tried to find the results but need her race number to get it.  Hope you're all enjoying the tapering!

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