Pain, pain, 6 miles of pain!!!

Posted on: 23 Mar 2008

I woke up this morning with an aching back and this view out of the window!!

I got ready for my last 20 mile run thinking that the back ache would disappear as I warmed up. I set off with an 8:03 mile feeling sluggish and trying to ignore the pain. 

No such luck, mile 2 dropped to 8:42 and I changed the route to give me optiions in case it didn't improve.  Mile 3 was 8:54 and I began to think about heading for home. 

Mile 4 was a gradual uphill mile which went down to 9:31 and I knew that was it so I turned for home which was 2 miles away. Mile 5 was 8:46 and the last one 8:48.

Since then I've been on Ibuprofen and sat with a hot water bottle against my back - still in pain though!  Not sure what I've done maybe just slept funny. 

And before anyone asks what happens if I wake up on the 13th April with the same pain what will I do, well the answer's obvious I'll take Ibuprofen and run 26.2 miles as well as I can!!!

So no final 20 miler for me (how's that Harri time to take my own advice!) but I've done enough long runs to be ready for London and I'll taper as planned - if the pain stops soon!


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