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Posted on: 25 Jan 2008

Well I've not blogged since Tuesday as I've been away for work but I've not stopped running.  Ran at lunch on Wednesday with Wendy 3.27 miles in around 35 mins.  Then set off for the long drive to Bridgend with Sam who works for me and Thomas out of our latest TV ad.

We had a new branch opening on Thursday in Bridgend and I must admit I was worried what it would be like after all the publicity about the suicides in Bridgend.  I've got to say that the people were brilliant and the young people we met during the day were great a right laugh but pleasant with it!

I got up early on Thursday at the hotel and ran 6 miles before breakfast.  Set off to run towards the coast but found the roads were not lit and had no pavements so I turned back and ran through the town centre and then up and down a By Pass. Finished in 52:06 and really enjoyed my run.

Today I ran at lunch with Jenny and the wind was horrendous, at one point we were blown sideways luckily on to some grass and not into the road. We did 3.7 miles in 35-36 minutes and it felt good.  Now I've run 10 days consecutively but I'm planning a rest day tomorrow apart from supporting some of my athletes who are running in the North of England Cross Country Championships in Leeds.  Sunday is a planned 20 mile run so I hope the wind drops and I get a nice day.

A question for you -- do any of you live around Banbury?  I'm travelling down there on Wednesday for another branch opening on Thursday and hope to get a run on either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Anyone close enough to join me for a run?

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