Tough Track Session

Posted on: 25 Feb 2008

A few aches and pains after yesterday's half... can't think why!  But that was sorted by a sports massage at lunch time which was a bit tougher than last time as Sarah found a few little spots in my hamstrings and quads that needed ironing out - probably because quite a lot of the course yesterday was on concrete which I always find is less forgiving than tarmac on my legs.

On the track tonight for a tough session - 2 x 600m with 200m jogs, then 2000m hard with a 400m jog recovery, then to finish 2 x 600m, 200m jog.  I did 2 miles to warm up and then my running drills but still didn't feel like my legs had got going.  Decided not to time the session but just run it hard as I could after the half.

The first 600m felt tough and the 200m jog very short, second 600m my legs got going a bit and began to enjoy the session.  After the 200m jog we started the 2000m and I kept glancing at my watch - I went through 400m on 1:40, 800m in 3:24, 1200m in 5:10, 1600m in 7:05 and 2000m in around 9:00 as I slowed on each lap but still felt like I was running hard!

The last 2 x 600m were good and I felt like I was running OK. Finished with 1.25 miles to warm down to give me 6.6 miles for the session.  Tomorrow I can't run at lunch but I'm going to arrive at work for 7:30 and run then for around 4 miles then shower and change by 8:30 to start work...  I hope!

I've realised that I didn't tell you how everyone else did yesterday from our Club.  Derek (who's also running FLM) came home in 1:34:25 for his over 50 PB, Darren running his second half marathon set a new PB - aiming for sub 1:50 he ran 1:38:57, Louise ran well in 1:42:46 and Sara had a good run with 1:52:43  Well done everyone!

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