Another good days running!

Posted on: 10 Mar 2008

With no car today I had to get the train to Halifax from near home and it took nearly an hour and it was freezing all the way and cost £9 return!

Got a lift from my friend Bev coming home even though she lives miles away from me, I got her to drop me in Oldham and I ran down to the track rather than straight home. So I'd done 3.7 miles before the session started.

Tonight's session was on a road loop that is 0.85 of a mile and slightly undulating, we do 3 laps round it with approx 5 minutes recovery in between and the idea is to get quicker on each one.

My first one was run in 6:02, an average of 7:05/mile and Mark, Adam, Jane, Joe were ahead of me and Emma was close as well.  Both Emma and Adam are under 13s and are running for Greater Manchester at the Inter-Counties cross country in Nottingham next Saturday.

After our recovery we set off on the second lap and I picked up my pace to finish in 5:47, an average of 6:50/mile - Mark, Jane and Adam were in front of me from the start and Emma flew past me half way round as if I was standing still.

After another recovery we set off on the fastest lap!  I really pushed along and it felt hard but Mark was not far in front and Jane just in front of him but Adam and Emma were well clear.  As we turned into the last 120m Mark began to sprint away from me and to catch Jane who also sprinted hard.  I finished strongly but tired to realise I'd run 5:35, an average of 6:32/mile.  Adam and Emma must have been close to 5 minutes if not under it!

I think they'll both have great runs on Saturday and I hope they both enjoy the experience!.  After the run home I totalled 9.55 miles for the day, some quick and some slow!

Got a run with Wendy tomorrow lunch and then possibly a rest or recovery day on Wednesday.  I'll have another long day on Thursday, recovery Friday, rest Saturday before the Spenborough 20 on Sunday and if I can get under 2:45 I'll be happy (last year I ran 2:43 in awful conditions).  If I can get under 2:40 I'll be really pleased and anywhere near 2:35 will be brilliant!  Happy running!


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