Rub, rub, run hill, run

Posted on: 11 Feb 2008

Massage was excellent today and I felt so much better after it and I'm sure it will help my recovery from the hard week's and prevent injury!

At the club tonight I'd planned a road & hills session where we run along at the best pace we can all keep up with and at selected hills we sprint up and either jog back down or on to the next hill.  This can be a slow run or a quicker run depending on who turns up to train.  Tonight we kept the pace fairly good.

We completed 4.3 miles and attacked 17 hills - some big, some small, some steep, some shallow, but we attacked them all. With my half mile warm up I totalled 4.8 miles to start another week, hopefully I'll get close to the 50 mile mark again this week.


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