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Posted on: 18 Feb 2008

It wasn't planned but Wendy and I went for a 3.5 mile run at lunch.  Wendy was due to have a meeting but it was cancelled at the last minute so we went for a run.  Both Wendy and Jenny are off work now until Friday so no runs for them - Wendy's gone to a friends wedding in the Lake District and Jenny moves house on Wednesday so busy time. We ran steady but still did the 3.5 miles in around 35 minutes.

Went to the track tonight for a session of 4 x 6 minutes hard with 2 minute jog recoveries then 4 x 75 m sprints.

Set off hard but even paced for the first 6 minute and did 0.97 mile at 6:12 pace. After 2 minutes jog when we got the group back together we set off for the second effort but I didn't get such a good start and only reached 0.93 mile at 6:24 pace.  On the third one I got off to a good start and moved to the front of the group over the first 3 minutes then pushed on to 0.98 mile at 6:07 pace. I suffered on the fourth but still managed 0.97 mile again at 6:12 pace.  As we set off on the 4 sprints the lactic acid in my legs felt terrible but we worked hard with walk back recoveries.  My times were not quick 14s, 13s, 14s, 13s.

With 2 miles warm up and 1 mile warm down I reached 8.25 miles for the session. This week will be easy now, no running tomorrow then a 6 mile run with the Club on Wednesday night and a pyramid session on Thursday, then rest until Sunday's race.

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