One very cold, wet & windy run!

Posted on: 29 Feb 2008

Wendy, Jenny and I went out for a run at lunch, madder still Wendy and I went in short sleeved T-shirts!!

The rain was lashing down, it was windy and very cold!  So cold that it felt like being hit by ice! We all moaned about the weather but got on with the run and chatted about all sorts of things!  After about 2 miles I realised how cold I was felling and that I was much more used to running in this sort of weather than the girls and if I felt bad then they must be hating it!  So I suggested a shorter run back to work and we set off back. 

We finished with 3.2 miles in 34 minutes and I was really proud of the pair of them for the way they just got on with it and would probably have run the full 4 miles if I'd kept going.  Luckily we have showers in work or I doubt I'd have survived this after noon without a long very hot shower to warm me up!

Tomorroww's a rest day then another 20 miler on Sunday to take me to 50 for the week.  Next week I'll keep up the distance Monday to Friday but won't do 20 on Sunday as I'm doing a 10k race for speed with a long warm up and down to add some miles.

I hope you all have a great weekend especially those racing/supporting at Reading - I hope John's right about the weather though I'd hate you to have what we had today!

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