Long windy run!

Posted on: 13 Jan 2008

Well I got out today for the planned 20 but it came in just under and I was so tired towards the end that I couldn't even put in an extra few hundred metres to take it to 20.  It was the wind - great when it was behind me on the way out towards Hollingworth Lake but so so tough on the way back especially on the long long hill up to 15 miles that left me shattered!

I set off and after 3-4 miles thought I was going to turn round and go home I felt that bad but then I came through this and got into my stride with miles of 8:00, 8:01, 7:51 between 5-7 miles.  After turning at around 10 miles it was straight into a very strong wind, especially on the long tough climb from around 13.5 to 15 miles where with the strong wind on the hill I did a 10:12 mile.

I struggled after that and just couldn't face adding an extra few hundred metres to make the 20 miles.  I managed 19.83 miles in 2:54 an average of 8:47 a mile.

Tried to post the graph of the run but ...  no luck with RealBuzz.

I've now completed 8 weeks training, I started off averaging around 25 miles a week but my average for the 8 weeks is now 30 miles a week.  I've totalled 242 miles so far and my 5 longest runs total 79 miles so I'm on my way to my target of 100 miles.

Got an easy week now as I'm at directing a photoshoot for work from Monday to Thursday so no lunchtime runs just Mon, Weds and Thurs nights and then a 6 mile cross country race on Saturday for the Club and no long run next weekend.

So I hope you've all had a great weekend I'll have a quick check round to see how you've done.

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