Two runs in one...

Posted on: 12 Feb 2008

Another great lunch time run with Wendy and Jenny today in superb conditions - dry, warm, sunny and a brilliant blue sky!

We set off on the 4+ course I worked out last Friday and Wendy was going well but after a bit Jenny wasn't enjoying it as much - but she'd not been able to run last week so it was a tough one.  We managed 4.17 miles according to MapMyRun - I was going to mention how the slightly seedily titled 'Map Your Passion' (or is it just my mind?) had improved in the last week or so with the changes they've made but today it just would bring up a map!

Well where was I...   oh yes we had a good 4.17 mile run in around 46 minutes and then I continued and added another 2.31 miles in 17 minutes to take my total up to 6.48 for today hhmmm am I becoming too obsessed with mileage? Answers on the back of a stamp...

Trouble is I just don't want to stop running and in that weather today I could have run and run but unfortunately I had to do some work!

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