12.3 Miles...

Posted on: 30 Mar 2008

Met up with Louise at 12 today in what seemed very hot weather - well compared with the last week or so!  The thermometer in my car said 15 degs when we'd finished running!

Unfortunately Lou wasn't expecting such weather and was wearing long tights, long sleeved top and a jacket (which ended up tied round her waist).  Luckily I'd gone with shorts and a long sleeved top so felt OK most of the way!

As you can see from the graph below I planned a route with uphill to start and then a long steady downhill for around 5 miles and aftwer that some tough little hills towards the finish.

As for my back I didn't take any Iboprofen today so it wouldn't mask any pain - my back felt stiff this morning but no pain.

We set off well with 8:41 up the hill, then turned for the start of the long downhill and we put in an 8:17 mile.  Then in mile 3 with a couple of little uphills we slowed to 8:28, before pushing along with 8:16 to 4 mile reached in 33:44.

We finished the final downhill to 6 miles with 8:24 and 8:33 to reach 6 in 50:42.  From there we headed bvack towards home with some uphill and the times for the next 3 miles showed that with 8:50, 8:54 and 9:17. By now Lou was suffering in the heat and finding it tough going. We then put in an 8:48 to reach 10 miles in 86:33.

After that I took the shortest route back which meant a bit of off road running that slowed us down and we reached the finish at 12.3 miles in 1:48:40 - averaging 8:49 per mile.

The good news is that although my back was stiff after the run, I did a load of stretching when I got home and it feels OK.  Well it feels like I've run 12 miles but apart from that OK.  I had all the usual aches and pains along the way but nothing out of the normal.

I've now got the week off and we'll be heading back to the Lake District for a few days out (hopefully the weather will be like today!). I hope you've all had a good weekend and I'll have a quick check around your blogs to see how you're doing!

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