Lunch tempo run

Posted on: 09 Jan 2008

Ended up running on my own today so decided on a fast tempo run over a 4.1 miles course.  It was dry, a bit sunny but very windy today and I set off running the first mile up hill and it was freezing - I was in short sleeved T-shirt and shorts!

I felt good and pushed the pace along all the way, there were some good downhill sections as well as the up hill and a long mile stretch into the wind to finish.  I ran 32:25 and was a bit disappointed at first as I thought that this was only a few seconds quicker than last time I ran this route...

But on checking my running diary tonight I was a full minute and some seconds quicker than i ran in December and I think the conditions were worse with the wind today! So this is one happy runner who benefited from the unexpected rest day yesterday and is looking forward to the rest of the week's running.

Now I'm off to see what you're all up to - well perhaps not all as that would take me hours but as many as I can get around to!

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