Busy day...

Posted on: 25 May 2007

Well i typed all this in last night after training only for RB to lose it and time me out what a pain!

Well went running with Jenny again at lunch yesterday - she'd got over the aches from Tuesday. Did the same 2 mile route but I picked theb pace up a little in the last half mile and she was OK!  Did the 2 miles in just under 22 minutes so not bad for second run but her Race for Life is in 3 weeks so I think I'll make the run a bit longer next Tuesday.

Track last night and got there early to talk Sam with sam about doing the Steeplechase.  He tried it last weekend and set a very good time despite never having been over the barriers before.  Now he's planning for the Greater Manchester Schools Championships and wants to get a qualifying time for the English Sxchiools which is about 10 seconds quicker than he ran last week. He's had two sessions going over the barriers so he can hurdle them a lot better now and has a race on Saturday in Leeds to see how he does!

I was coaching my group and the under 13s last night as there coach couldn't make it so it was quite a mixed group and we were on 10 x 150m sprints with walk back recovery.  Not all of them were doing all 10 as it's not suitable for the younger ones but they worked hard and seemed to enjoy it.  My times were up and down as I ran with different people and ran at their pace to see how they were doing.  Probably got around 3-4 miles done in total some fast some slow.  Back out on roads on Sunday I'll probably do around 10 miles.

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