2 Session Thursday

Posted on: 03 Jan 2008

Well today was planned as my first 2 session day of 2008 and the first run of the New Year for Jenny and Wendy.  They were both keen and even talking about building up for a 10k in March! Someone had even kindly bought them both a long sleeved training top for Christmas so they'd be warmer in the cold weather.

Then about 11 it started to snow, by 12 when it was time to go there was lots of whinging and moaning about slippy pavements, etc.  I explained the snow wasn't sticking and wouldn't be slippy but despite everything it ended up as a solo run for yours truly!

I set off on a 5k route feeling good and pushed along quite happily (hardly saw a snowflake all run and never slipped once!).  It was cold and windy but I had my long sleeved top and tights on so was OK. I finshed in 24:55 - not bad for an easy run!

Probably too fast as I had a pyramid session planned for tonight. Got to the track to find a very cold wind blowing hard along the back straight, but set off on a 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m pyramid with 100m walk recovery between each one. I did 2 miles warm up and then my running drills before starting the session.

My times were 100m 18.82s, 200m 40.0s, 300m 62.2s, 400m 95.6s, 400m 90.8s, 300m 60.3s, 200m 37.1s, 100m 15.6s.  So as planned the second half was quicker than the first.  Must admit that the first half felt hard until I warmed up.

It was tough at times and I was chasing Mike, Mark, Simon and Karl for much of the first half but got much closer on the second half and even led the 200m. With the mile warm down I totalled 4.75 miles for the session on top of the 3.1 miles at lunch to make for a good day's training.

I might even get out for an extra run tomorrow lunch with Jenny and Wendy....   if it's not snowing, raining, windy etc!!

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