Back on track

Posted on: 14 Apr 2008

Well sort of...

I went up to the track tonight and, after chatting about the marathon, I got the group warming up for a 6 x 500m session with 200m jog recovery.  I did the 1 mile warm up jog as we chatted some more and my legs felt OK but I knew I couldn't do the full session.

I explained the session and told the 2 new young girls, Ella and Sarah, and Natalie who is returning from injury that they were on alternate 500m so 3 not the full 6.

I set off with the group and ran in the middle of the pack for 2:03.  My legs were tired and a bit achey especially my quads.  I skipped the next 500m and jogged round to recover.

As the group started their 3rd one I did my second and pushed hard for the first 200m and led them round before easing back to run 1:50. I missed out the 4th and joined in on the 5th and ran on the back of the lead group for 1:49.  I missed out on the last one and just did the mile warm down -  that's around 3.5 miles for the night and my legs felt a lot better for the stretch.

I've stiffened up a bit again now and will run again tomorrow lunch to stretch them out again.

Good news from Sunday was that Adam the young lad I coach who was picked for Greater Manchester for the Mini Marathon had a good run to finish the 3 mile in 10th place in 17:34.

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