False Start

Posted on: 01 Mar 2010

Not a good start. I haven't been keeping this up to date. Must do better. Bit of a strange time in my training. I was going really well in January, already running19 miles and feeling good and confident. Might even hav been on track for going under 4 hours. Then got hit with tendonitis in the Achilles and for a while felt really down as I couldn't even see me starting running again let alone going 26 miles. However H persuaded me to go to a physio and he was brilliant. Came out of my first session full of confidence that I coud do it. And since then I have been able to get back running. The problem is, although i am running, something just doesn't seem right. I seem stiff and aching all the time. I am hoping that a glitch free few weeks training, maybe even with a bit of warm weather, will be what I need.

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