Intervals today

Posted on: 17 Mar 2010

Another of those heavy legged days.

2 x 15 minutes flat out.  Not sure they are going to improve my speed.  Don't like doing them but they certainly help in that last mile when I want to put in that last bit of effort.  By doing these the mind and body both learn that there is always a bit extra left and you can keep going for that last mile when you just want to stop.  It has certainly helped when turning on to the seafront at South Shields in the Great North or on to the Embankment at the Robin Hood.

Wore my old shoes which have got different shock aborbers in them  The ones in my main pair of shoes fit the heels only.  These extend under the arch.  Although it took a bit of getting used to the feel they seemed to give a bit of extra support so may try swapping them to the other shoes.

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