The mind was willing but ...

Posted on: 16 Mar 2010

After Sunday's efforts I was still buzzing yesterday and wanted to go out for a nice easy loosener but every time I started up every muscle in my legs just said "No" and complained loudly at the very thought.  They were right of course and a rest day was sensible.  As usual I have tried to do too much and push myself too far.  Walked for 30 minutes just to loosen up.

Bought an ankle support and tried that tonight on a steady 50 minute run.  can't say I noticed any significant benefit from the support but will reserve judgement for a while.

50 minutes duration and staying light a bit later gives me the opportunity to use the hills in the country park.  Will be using them more and more over the next few weeks to help conditioning.  Talking of which I think I am finally seeing some weight loss.  Have been a bit disappointed not to have lost much before now but I think it probably is a cumalitive effect that suddenly produces results.  That's what I am hoping anyway.  Feel I still need to loose a few more pounds to be down to ideal fighting weight.  It would be nice to carry a bit less round 26 miles. 

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