Good news/bad news

Posted on: 21 Mar 2010

A real case of good news and bad news today.

Good news; broke 20 miles for the first time, by 0.33 mile according to Map Your Passion.  Approx 2hours 55minutes.  Would be perfect training distance and time in prep for London.  Still feeling uncomfortable when running but achilles held up well and no reaction.  In fact it felt better as I went further.  But...

Bad news; have strained calf muscle on the other leg, possibly compensating.  Did force me to stop at one point and I had to walk for about half a mile to loosen it up.  Feeling quite painful now but hopefully just a muscle strain so the old frozen peas should sort it out in a couple of days.  In other circumstances would have stopped but there is no margin for error now.  Just 2 weeks to get the big mileage in so I took the risk.

Completely exhausted when I finished which is to be expected as I have never run that distance before but it is frightening to think that next month I am going to have to get to that point and then run another 6 miles.  Would really like to have done another 20 and possibly a 22 in the next 2 weeks before tapering.

Nice run, sunshine broke through after an hour or so and was nice to see the Sports Relief run going on across the river on the other bank.  There seemed to be an enormous number of runners.  Had hoped to persuade H to run it but not interested.

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