Now I know I can do it

Posted on: 14 Mar 2010

I am sitting here feeling really pleased with myself and really pumped up following the Kilomathon.  Anyone who has read my previous posts will know that I wasn't feeling very confident because of the impact on my training of tendonitis.  Had originally aimed for 2 hour 15 but didn't think I could get anywhere near it and would have been really pleased with 2 30.

Did 2 16.  And the ankle/achilles stood up to it pretty well, sore by the end but feels weak rather than inflamed.  And because of that I now feel confident that I can finish London and do a respectable time. 

I actually ran both of the 10k splits in 51 minutes, the same pace as I ran a 10k race last week.

The race was good.  Nice flat course.  Through lots of villages and small towns with good turnout of spectators.  Did spend quite a long time in the starting pens which was a bit cold and the cold wind wasn't very nice on what was quite a long walk to the shuttle buses at the end.  Felt a bit embarrassed at the very long line of cars waiting to leave Derby who were stuck waiting for the whole race to cross the road in front of them.  I bet there were a few late arrivals at Mother's Day gatherings.

On the whole a good new race.  Certainly just right as part of London training schedule.  Only 3 long runs to get up to the 20 plus mileage.

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