It's only a theory

Posted on: 30 Mar 2010

Two sessions of hard running so far this week. 

Still felt a bit heavy legged after Saturday but 5.25 miles at (nearly) 10k pace.  44 minutes.

Then today ran home from work, 7.8 miles.  Did 15 minute hard runing with 2.5 minute recoveries in between.  1 hour 6 minutes.  I know that makes the last hard run only 13.5 minutes but I reached home quicker than I expected.

I delayed leaving work when the heavens opened just as I was starting to pack up.  The very heavy shower passed and the skies looked reasonably bright so I took a chance.  guess what.  At the furthest point from home/work down it came again.  Wind was noticable as well, so given the weather time was pretty good.

I toyed with a theory that I should run the marathon by running 10k at 50 mnute pace, walk to recover for 5 minutes, repeat 4 times.  Worked out that would leave me 2k less the distance walked to go in 25 minutes to go under 4 hours. 

Problem with the theory is putting it into practice.  First 10k would be Ok.  Second might just about do.  After that forget it.  Oh well, it gave me something to occupy the mind while running.

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