Aylesbury Parkrun #80 18.07.15

Posted on: 18 Jul 2015

Bang - so here we are!

Stevo's birthday in the week - 40 again! Made low carb cake again, what a recipe, it uses black beans for the starch, and is only 6g per portion carb... sweet. Oh yeah uses stevia for sweetness.

Johnny has come onto the low carb and has lost half a stone he didnt need to in two weeks. He is now at the stage of feeling knackered for races/training - about a month behind me !

Speaking of training, bagged me a great plan from HERE ( http://mymarathonpace.com/Training_Plans.html ) link won't add. - for Dublin... has me running every day except mondays...  got a really sore middle of forefoot (right where i had a stress fracture a few years ago (hence the comeback!) so have been taking it easy for a week or so but i've been feeling stronger of late. 

Got me a new pair of HOKA, stinson lites, very happy :o)

Still sticking to the low carb but for the few weeks have become better at increasing the fat - low carb high fat - that took a while to do even after getting my head around! Lots of avocacdo, frying in coconut oil etc. It's working.

Had a good night's sleep (training induced lol), got up, and three poos later i rocked up and we were off! 

Half way round i saw my average mm was 6:15... quicker than sub 20 pace (6:26)... man i had dreamed i would get under 20... and so it was on... there was no way i was gonna miss it...

Came in 6th in 19:37, first time sub 20 in over 4 years.

Happy guy.

Easy 9 miler tomorrow for my sunday run thankfully, but back up to 16 next week :o)

Been getting into my low carb podcasts, namely paleo runner, who has loads of running related guest interviews  with some diverse topics covered. I've been .

trying to run at a lower heartrate as i have become aware that for ages i've been running too hard! Who would have known..


Be good!

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