Aylesbury Parkrun #89 19-09-15

Posted on: 19 Sep 2015

So as my fortnightly long run soars above 20 (peaking in 26 @ bournmouth in 2 weeks time), i have increaased the pace to closer to race pace. A great run out with Boydie (my partner for Dublin 3 weeks after Bournemouth) around his 7m asheridge route, 22m averaging 7:42mm Garmin HERE. So yeah well happy, tired on monday though! Out for dinner sunday carvery was great!

Bad week at work this week, on Tuesday i went over on my right ankle as i fell over in a hole i never saw in someone's garden! I slightly sprained my right ankle but only because it got trapped and so it wasn't so bad, unfortunately in the same silly event i somehow slightly pulled my left calf too!

So... no running the rest of the week, only eating too many chokkie bikkies to try make me feel better... ooopsie! So still a bit worried about my sprain (calf seemed much better saturday a.m), and whether or not running would be fine or not! Ankle is strong and sprain only hurts if fully twisting foot to right (which doesn't really apply when running) - so was feeling hopeful!

Chris, an ex D&T friend of Chris Billinghurst has been doing these parkruns with us since bearbrook and has nailed 3 pbs in 3 outings, but as he is carrying an injury, like me, we were sort of just planning to see how it went!

Jogged round the 1st mile and three quarters and everything felt fine... GREAT! So... as i was planning a 24 miler tomorrow with Boydie & Tom (completed New Forest mara last weekend in 3:10 despite going wrong because of a missing marshal!) - and so i thought i'd better do something a little faster for the last mile and a bit so pushed hard making a 6:09 last mile with no adverse reactions... brilliant! Finished in 24:27

Chris pushed hard as his injury seems to be ok once he has warmed up, and being such a flat course he easily pb'd, for the 4th time in a row! Top work. Sub 28mins, now we're gonna hafta work harder!

Full results HERE

Chat with James from the club plus his entourage, good running by all i think! I was surprised to hear he had never done Aylesbury before - though it was his 20th different event. Must try Luton according to James! But next week for us lot it's Black Park - my favourite course.

I'm praying the training will just get back on track regardless of this sprain thing, because it was simply going so well before!

Finally, I guess, seeing as i will actually make it to the long run tomorrow afterall, it turns out all those chokkie bikkies were not actually emotional comfort eating, but proper carb loading :o)





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