Try to stop my dancing feet but I just cannot sit still

Posted on: 26 Feb 2014

Little mini moan - blog post titles aren't long enough.

Moan over, feeling pretty good today - finished my run (17 in 17days loving it!) and did 2miles fast with a slow walk to unwind over 7 more minutes (takes me over the 20minutesa anyway) - shocked to break 17minutes for the first time which is faster than i have run in a long time. (On 6th October 2012 I managed 3 miles in 22.03 so 7.21 pace which I am still some way off but still good for where I started 2 weeks ago. Feels very weird to say that as it feels a long time ago.

Some odd weaknesses in my right shin/calf at the minute but wouldn't call it pain so carrying on fine - just need to start a stretching routine. I find stretching soooo annoying and boring but I know I should be doing way more of it than just the queue at the post office.

Best part of my run today (and no it wasn't the stupid bickering with the fiancee over nothing in particular before I went) was the Hairspray song mentioned in the title (not giving Glos any more than that) playing on my ipod and actually dancey running for about 3 minutes - like I did skips and hops and punched the air and even did the thing where your run forward then back a few steps then forwards again. Pumping my hands like a maniac it is times like that I am glad it is dark (and curse my hi-vis top!)

To the bath sir knight....

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