Its opening night, Its opening night.....

Posted on: 12 Mar 2014

Ok, so its happened now, amazing buzz, with lots of coughing, followed by tiredness and questioning how on earth I will keep this up - any wonder I have been so ill.

I have experienced genuine anger at my illness these past few days, I am not accepting it, but it won't go away - feel loads better in my body but my lungs won't clear - here's hoping I wake up in the morning and they have self-cleaned!

Show went really well - had loads of fun and looking forward to tomorrow - though perhaps not the 5 period day first, followed by the reports that I have to write.

Walking (for the moment) first thing in the morning is sooooo therapeutic - I should have started doing it years ago. I don't even have to be that awake to get dressed, coat on and set off with an audiobook waking me up to the world - I guess it helps that it is dry at the moment though.


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