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Posted on: 24 Feb 2014

Firstly - thank you for the kind words of support yesterday and today - I needed it. Everyone has hiccups and I often struggle at the end of half term.

Still one day of 30 under my belt - taught reasonably well, including some efforts at what I call "proper teaching" where the students have to think for themselves, with my bottom set year 8s (joy!)

I came home and have done my run already, with football in half an hour and then a 'learning lines' session at a friends house (opening night is wed 12th march so kinda important). 18.18 for 2miles tonight which given the small hills, saving some back for football and the fact I was barely struggling near the end was very pleasing.

Just wish the pounds would come off - might help if I had a resistance to the allure of chocolate - it is starting to taste like disappointment!

15 in 15 done, never thought I'd make it to this far so chuffed, tomorrow will be over half a month which is pretty cool then push on to 21 in 21 by Sunday nacht.

Oh and gloshawk - Cartoon Heroes by Aqua, if you knew that you have problems far bigger than I do!

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