Been working so hard, I'm punching my card.

Posted on: 02 Mar 2014

In the last 21 days I've had some very difficult runs, today was one of the most difficult for a different reason. The actual run itself went really well and I really enjoyed it the thing I found hard today was actually getting out in the first place.

Having already played football today then travelled to see my family from my dad's birthday which took two hours due to closure on the M25 I was feeling a little bit lethargic. Add to that the fact that it was absolutely bucketing down outside I got to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning last night due to some really enjoyable boardgames with some friends of ours the went on and on and I really didn't fancy it. The funny thing was though despite thinking of all these excuses my brain could not comprehend the idea of not running and breaking my streak so I kind of just got on with it and decided I just had to get out there.

once I was running the rain was quite refreshing and I was found myself quite steady early on then picking up the pace without really trying to. I had banned myself from looking at my watch the whole run given that yesterday my competitive side came out. And where I planned to turn round to just do the minimum 2 miles decide I actually wanted to do 2.4 miles as these are the days that I should really be pushing myself not the ones where I don't need to run, the ones I don't want to.

only after completing 2 miles did I look down at my watch and was very pleased with the 17 minutes 45 I had covered it in. As I was glancing at my watch I then ran into a puddle that covered my shoes, idiot!

I walked for 50 m, but realised I was fine to run to the end so started to run again and completed my 2.4 miles in 21 minutes. I was delighted to work out that that was an eight minutes 45 pacing which without really trying was very very pleasing.

three weeks ago I would never have imagined that I could do three weeks of running every day now I'm inspired to push on to the next targets 21/21 done 25,50,100 days - 12 months, I love the idea that all these targets are possible.

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