Quality, I possess some say I'm fresh

Posted on: 07 Mar 2014

Difficult to get up this morning, I (again?) have a tickle in my chest and feel exhausted but am determined not to give in to it. Got up at 5.45 and by 6.15 I was on the road and running.

24mins 51 later and I've run 2 miles and walked another half to cool down while listening to William Glasser on Audiobook. Two things I love about audiobooks are 1 - they tend to give me energy as I get passionately involved in what is being said and 2 - unlike music which helps with energy and pace, they tend to relax me and I "tune out" of the run so that it passes by with me barely noticing. This morning was all about the core needs of human beings: Survival, Love and Belonging, Power, Freedom and Fun. The section on Power intrigued me, especially given what is going on in Russia/Ukraine at the moment. How the need for power has branched away from the need for survival as humans have linked the best "survivors" or "lovers" with being the most powerful and sought a reverse engineered picture.

Glasser talks about how while people seek to control other people's situations, then human interactions can never go smoothly and how choice theory offers a different paradigm - I can't wait to get to the bit where I learn the alternative psychologies.

Enoguh brain stuff - I'm awake, its 5 to 7 and I am going to a comedy club after my day at work - just push through that and enjoy every lesson. Kiai!

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