Crazy, can you believe it he's crazy...

Posted on: 01 Mar 2014

20 out of 20 achieved and in awesome circumstances.

I got up at 7 and had a very productive morning, then at 11am got the dreaded email that football was off. Ordinarily that would have been the prelude to a miserable self-indulgent binge fest where I play computer games and pity myself but instead I decided to look on the bright side and go for a long run.

I got out and started to plan the run while running, I knew I wanted 4miles at least to make it the furthest I have run for months (obviously scares me that 10 months ago I was capable of 26.2 miles somehow but still) decided on 5miles then upgraded it to 6miles after a steady mile then decided hell, if I can do 6 I might as well do the .25 to make it up to 10k. Did some Maths on the route and worked out how much out and back to do along the hills away from wycombe and as I turned the corner with 2miles done in a controlled steady 9.50 pace I was very happy. There were a few hills along the way but when I hit the turn around point of 3.6 miles exactly at the entrance to the High Wycombe training ground I had to smile to myself as one of the biggest motivations to start on this fitness and losing weight journeys has been how slow and unfit I have felt playing football.

I used my usual tricks of congratulating half miles and especially 4miles as this was the furthest I'd been for so long (and 3.8miles had a horrible 100m hill) and before I knew it I was heading back into Wycombe, cursing the selfish individuals whose canine companions littered the path with their waste which I did well to avoid. (Prison is too good for this sort of person they should be rounded up and forced to pick up 4hours worth of manure with their hands)

I soon got over it and rejoined my normal 3mile route with 1.25 miles left and thats when my stupid other personality got involved. I'd done very well to keep him quiet all run, enjoying the sunshine and the 9.50 pace and keeping myself from going much over 9.35 at any point then competitive Paul saw the watch and thought "1.25miles left, 52 mins on the clock, I wonder if I can 8min mile to break an hour for 10k" I had about 200m of internal argument about this and trying to stop myself before I realised it was all a clever ruse to make me not notice my legs which competitive me had surreptitiously sped up to 8.15 pace. I tried hard to slow back to 9.00 pace and it worked for a while till the downhill bit which I flew down. at 5.85 miles there is quite a big hill so I decided then and there I wasn't making it and to be happy with 1hr 01 and try to take 10secs off per mile next time...

... I didn't listen to myself - With 0.2 miles left (320m) I had 1 minute to go so I lifted my pace and went for it - I somehow made it with 9 seconds left!

6.25miles (10k) - 59.51 - At least 1100 calories burnt (I suspect a few more given my frame) and feel Epic again!

Bring on my 25mintute substitute appearance tomorrow morning!


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