and I've never felt this way before...and I owe it all to u!

Posted on: 21 Feb 2014

Today I came very close but resued it at 11.15pm, probably not best to do that again.

So started with a late night and early morning as Magellan sadly died. Vicky needed lots of love and understanding so I did my best (pretty good by man standards)

Tiredness is my kryptonite - I really struggle. After a burial and some more tears I took Vicky to starbucks then surprised her by going to pets at home and buying Cortez. (All our guinea pigs are Explorers! - Sadly Magellan died leaving Ellen (McCarthur) alone.) That gives Vicky a month long integration programme to take her mind off her loss.

I promptly at 4pm fell asleep and woke up at 7.30 not very with it and late for rehearsal, hence several hours of dancing like a zombie (sorry guys) and running at 11.15. About 3.2 miles in 32minutes - no prizes, some walking but I got out there and that right there is the main point. My goal tomorrow is to complete a slow and steady 4miler for the first time in over 6 months... A little bit scared.

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