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Posted on: 04 Mar 2014

Today's mood 3/10

I got my run done with a record 4 of us from the 27 at training deciding to run the 2.1 mile warm up together. My legs were very heavy which annoyed me given that I thought I'd rested them and the achy shin thing is doing my head in but otherwise pleased. Started to feel quite rhymical when I run which can only be a good thing.

School was good for 3 periods then poor in the afternoon - I cannot help but feel that is partly my fault for poorly planned lessons though so I need a paradigm shift in how I view the children that are causing the problems. It is not me to blame them for being s**t kids and give up. I need to show them that I still care whatever happens

You gain control by giving up control applies here I think

Rehearsal was horrid, 8 days to opening night and loads of bickering going on which makes me shutdown. I just can't handle confrontation and I end up sitting in the corner of the room almost rocking (perhaps I am more high functioning autistic than I thought)

Still lots to be grateful for - I woke at 4.30am today - not sure why but showered, shaved and completed a fair bit of work so I should be proud of that.

Gonna have to run in the mornings next week and on Thursday if I am to keep my streak going - ouch!

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