Everybody get up...1,2,3,4

Posted on: 17 Mar 2014

I don't know why I temporarily fell off the blogosphere - I knew I was incredibly frustrated at my illness and then mega busy with show week last week but still - I want to try to blog every day - it is cathartic.

The best news is that I am still going - 34 runs in 34 days has left me very proud of my accomplishments and the 1 stone so far that I have lost has been earned. Not quite sure if it meant the apple pie this evening was a good idea but still - I was proud.

I secretly went out and bought Vicky a replacement Guinea Pig this evening, all on myself without any adults around (how many 32 year olds do you know who think like that?)

Now I can head off to football, run off the extra pounds and awiat her return from concert band with excitement.

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