Empty shell I used to be shadow of my life hangin' over me

Posted on: 05 Mar 2014

I nearly made a massive booboo tonight and fell asleep without blogging my run post - which seeing as I have promised myself to run and blog every day would have messed up the streak which now stands at a monstrous 24/24 days (or 3.4286 weeks if you are metric).

Managed to get myself out running but for some reason I have been lethargic and low on mood all day, despite no real reason for it. Did a very good first 2 miles in 17.15 mins with several hilly bits but then my legs felt so stiff I decided to walk back with only a light jog as part of it. I find it very frustrating that my stamina is nowhere near what it used to be and am so low on energy for the 3 miler in under 25 minutes that I want to get back to being able to achieve. I know deep down that I have only been back running for less than a month but it still frustrates me.

Due to hectic schedule over next two weeks (next week is show week) tomorrow sees the first day that I will have to choose to run at 6am or face running at 10.30-11pm when I get home - personally I think the early one is a better choice - blooming hard - but a better choice.

I am now gonna try do a little work before I sleep to relax my hackles which are a little tense.

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