I keep holding on, I keep holding on

Posted on: 10 Mar 2014

Today (yesterday - I accidentally laid down after my bath at 8.30 and woke up this morning) was difficult. I am still struggling with this Chest Infection and have a horrid cough and breathing is not great. I have drunk soo much water to try to shift it that I think I may be half mermaid (not merman you understand!)

Decided that in the spirit of battle I would go to football in the evening as the fresh air and jogging around would be good for shifting my symptoms and while, to a degree, I was very pleased i did, it was very frustrating not having the fitness I've built up over the last month.

To continue my streak but avoid killing myself, I then went for a half hour walk when i got home, listened to more audiobook and still felt pleased to reach teh status of "every day for a month" even if that month was february and I had to make the last two walks.

Forgetting to have an evening meal was an interesting choice as I woke up at 16st 7 this morning - not your recommended weight loss option

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