It ain't easy, it ain't easy.

Posted on: 28 Mar 2014

46 out of 46 runs/walks consecutively. I am now over 1/8 of a year.

The last two days have been completed at a little before midnight which is a tad excessive but I am very busy atm and desperately don't want to give up. When I get to the stage where I am running everyday with little or no walks and completing 8-10 miles I am going to be so grateful for these small mercies.

I have been very happy recently - even when tired. The new psychologies I have learned have left me feeling much more empowered and responsible for my actions. The only upsetting bit is that I am a little behind on some work and working hard to rectify it but other things keep cropping up.

Tomorrow is a good day to complete most of it, so I will get on with it.

The biggest nag on my mind that I wish to shift at the moment is one at work. I know how we could make our school super successful. The key to turning everything around and changing everything. Sadly I feel it would fall on ears not ready to hear it or more importantly brave enough to embrace a new approach when they have methods of their own (which are inherently flawed) but which they are used to. How do you convince them all? How can I change a system so vast but in which so passionately believe I can revolutionize. Tis a quandry!

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