Fun at the physio

Posted on: 21 Apr 2017

Just a quick update from me on what’s been happening since the Manchester marathon.  I’ve done the sensible thing and got myself checked out.

Self-diagnosis is a risky business whether you’ll ill or injured, and you’ve only yourself to blame if you start Googling things expecting clarity or reassurance.

So I booked myself an appointment at a local sports injury clinic after advice from a friend that a GP is probably only going to say ‘running is bad for you and you should stop’.

I haven’t stopped, by the way.  I took a week off after Manchester to try and let my right side heal.  Then went out for a gentle 5k, which was mercifully drama free.  Then I did a five miler two days later, also felt fine, followed by a fast 5k a few days later.

That’s when I hit upon a plan. Probably a foolhardy one, but a plan nonetheless.  Seeing as my injury seems to have healed up and I’ve got the appointment in the diary to be checked out anyway, why not use the Bank Holiday for Manchester take-two?

And that’s what I did.  I recreated race day on Easter Monday (my wife and daughter were away) – 9am start, 26.2 mile route planned, all the drink and sugary bits and bobs I could carry and a jam packed playlist on my iPod to keep me entertained.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, there’s that groin strain for a start!  But you know what, it didn’t fail me.  It started to ache after half marathon distance but no repeat of the Manchester misery where everything tensed up.

So did I do it?  Did I crack the magic four hour mark this time? Erm…no.  I was very strong through 13, reached 20 miles in bang on three hours but then was just physically exhausted.  Hardly surprising, only two weeks off the back of Manchester and with nothing in the way of proper prep work or carb loading.

Mile 21 was a run-walk.  Mile 22 was a walk-walk.  I carried on until 23 but knew I wasn’t going to break any personal records, so called it a day.  Still, that’s quite an achievement and it’s not like I hadn’t been enjoying myself up until that point.

I recovered pretty soon after getting home and fuelling up again and was back on my feet in the afternoon for a family visit and the rest of the Bank Holiday.  Call me daft if you want to, but deep down I just had this romantic idea in mind of having a fair crack of the whip to run a strong marathon time, versus Manchester where my injury denied me that opportunity.

Back to said injury, and the physio reckons – after much prodding, poking and manipulating – that I’ve torn some fibres in one of my adductor muscles (the ones that connect the hip and thigh).  Daily stretch routines and icing after any running will aid recovery and he’ll work me over again in a fortnight.

I’m pleased he said it’s OK to continue running – albeit short distances are preferable.  And relieved that it’s nothing more serious that could hinder any future event plans.

But enough about me.  It’s London Marathon weekend!  Oh the memories from 2015, I am so envious and hope all this year’s runners are excited and ready to shine.

It’s magical, nothing I’ve done before or since as a runner has come close.  I know a few people running and, of course, many of the Buzzers taking part too.  I shall be blob watching and cheering you on via the telly.

Run strong, enjoy every mile and treasure your medals.


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