First one

Posted on: 01 May 2017

Duly entered the ballot today so went out for a run. No targets of time or distance, just run to see how far and how long it took.

Did 2 miles (with two short walk breaks to put the dog on and off his lead), time was 24:15. I'll take that, if I was to set a time it would have been 25 minutes so not at all disappointed. Had my new running shoes on, got a pair of NB ones in Sport and Soccer last week, it is so nice to get new shoes and it makes you realise how worn your old ones are. These will do for now, no point in spending too much on new ones if I can't make the training. If things go well I know enough to get some decent ones around January time.

Nothing exciting happened on the run except the dog shitting himself when a bull stood up near where he was sniffing the grass (there was a fence separating them). Made me chuckle anyway.

OK, let's see how it goes this time. I can't remember the number of times I have started blogging again then lost the habit really quickly. I mean to keep it up this time so fingers crossed eh?

Never ever give up

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