Day 2

Posted on: 02 May 2017

Just a little 1.75 ish miles today. Had a difference of opinion with a dog owner mid run today. Mine does not mix so when I see another dog I always put him on his lead, why do some other dog owners think that because theirs is friendly, mine is? There is a reason I control him and that is that he WILL bite your dog. Rant over (you know, I'm sure I have posted this very line before).

Anyway, at 0830 today I did a little jog on tracks and a forest trail, no time as I didn't take any watch/garmin/phone etc. Was a lovely morning, just right for running but getting very warm already, methinks the summer is going to be hot one so I (and you) better get used to running early.

I appreciate the comments left yesterday. I remember when I first blogged (2006!) I thought no one would take any notice of the fat b'stard doing +12min miles but they did. They encouraged, motivated and bullied me into keeping it up and actually completing FLM 2007. So thank you for your comments and support yesterday, you really don't know how much it means.

Never ever give up


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