Smashed my half marathon PB.....

Posted on: 02 May 2017

For anyone that knows me.... I have really annoying habit of doing absolutely nothing for ages then just smashing some miles out!

After Manchester I was sensible and took 2 weeks off running and to be honest all exercise completely. I saw my physio for some dry needling (like acupuncture but more scientific... ) and rested.

2 weeks went by but with 1 week to go before Plymouth's Ocean City Half Marathon I thought I ought to go for a run. 10 miles seemed a doddle after a marathon but my legs still felt heavy. However I was satisfied that it would suffice and a week later was lining up at the start beginning to think maybe I should have done more running!!

It was a warm and sunny day and the route included 147m of climb so was by no means flat.

I positioned myself towards the front to avoid the bottlenecks and started probably a tad quick hitting the first mile in 5:46... I slowed up and hit the second in 6:03... I slowed up again and finally got into my marathon pace of 6:45/mile. 

Most of the climbs were between miles 4-7 but I saved myself for the end which finished with a final uphill push towards the line.

It was hot but I felt comfortable and at 10 miles still felt pretty good. I remember starting to flake at this point a couple of years ago. This time I was determined to finish strong and held myself back for that last 1/2 mile uphill.

I hit that last climb and pushed hard expecting to flag... But I didn't.... I kept pushing and with the line in sight sprinted towards the finish.

I finished in 1:27:17 knocking 3 minutes off my 2014 PB, 42nd overall and 5th in category out of 3000 runners.

I was pretty chuffed with that and it proved that the marathon training had put me in a great place.


Next up.... Hope 24 (24 hour trail endurance run) eeeeek

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