Note to self..

Posted on: 03 May 2017

..after a days driving (almost 200 miles) do not expect your legs to feel fresh and ready. Expect the opposite.

So yes, after a lot of driving today I went for an intended 3 miles. I did an evening run as my son was at football training so to while away the time I thought I would go then. Mistake! After being sat on my butt all day the legs just did not want to know. I did manage 2 slow miles with several walk breaks before quitting. And sitting down some more lol.

So todays run wasn't as planned but I still got out there and did something. And I will revert back to a morning run tomorrow, I drop daughter off at school for 0820hrs and I will go then.

Never ever give up

(anyone know how to post pictures on the new site yet?)

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