Still aching

Posted on: 04 May 2017

But I did it although it wasn't easy. My back was stiff, my legs didn't want to work and I had negative thoughts all the way. There were altogether way too many other dogs about today so I had to keep stopping to control mine. He usually runs free off the lead so I don't have to stop every time he wants to sniff a leaf, roll in the grass, have a pee, poo, watch the ducks etc. He can do all that and catch up with me when he's done - except the poo bit obviously, I have to stop then. Today there were about a dozen other dog walkers on our route so it was a very disjointed run. All that stop/start really breaks any rythm so after 1.5 miles (co-incidentally we were right by the car) we stopped. It was very slow but, given the amount of stops we had to make, I won't worry about it.

I have a degenerative back disease and will never run a marathon again according to the expert at the hospital, she may be right but I will only accept that when I know that I can't. I still believe that it is possible and some weight loss and determination might actually see it happen. But todays mind games started before I even got out the car, and they carried on for the first mile. I kept telling them to eff off and eventually they did. So despite all that I still got out and did some, not a lot but I am starting to not consider myself as a couch potato anymore.

All those aches are going to see me take a rest day tomorrow, try to relax my back and get rid of the silly little pain in the top of my left foot (might have to tie my laces differently). And rest my legs for a bit.

Dave, I know what you are saying. Although it seems hard I know I can do it, been there before and done long trail runs after a days driving. Just got to get back into the habit and mind set of it all. 

 Never ever give up

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