The weekend

Posted on: 08 May 2017

Wow, what a busy one that was.  I found time (between taxi-ing the kids around and shopping with the Mrs and before football) to fit in a run during the afternoon. I picked a route I had never been to before, a place called Betty Mundays Cottage. I used to deliver goods to it when they were building the new house there. It really is in the middle of nowhere. Really, nowhere. Very secluded, it is a mile along a track off a long farmers track. I was told it was a Russian billionaire who was moving in but that is only gossip. Anyway, I knew there was a public footpath at the back of the property so I trotted off along there on Saturday. Got lost, got stung, got told off for wandering onto some private land, climbed a dozen stiles/kissing gates and when I decided to turn back I realised I had gone 1.5 miles. Some of that was backtracking on myself after going the wrong way but I decided to see if I could get back in less time than it took me to get out. I did, quite comfortably as I hadn't realised that not only was I getting lost, I was pretty much going up hill all the way out! Running downhill is so much easier lol. Home in time to get to football where my team somehow managed to win the Div 2 title despite not being top of the table until the final whistle on the final day of the season. All in all a good day all round (should have done the lotto). Counting that as 2.5 miles (probably a bit more) of uphill, tracks, flint paths, fields, gates, stiles and tree roots. Phew!

Sunday wasn't much. Spent an hour at a car boot sale in the morning (waste of time) which ached my back quite a bit but I did manage a 2 miler in the late afternoon. Did struggle a bit with this one today, maybe because I changed the route slightly or more probably because I really couldn't be arsed to do it but forced myself  to get out there and at least try.

Monday was always a rest day after a weekend LSR, I want to get out and run today but Mrs K is on a course so I am on kids duty (2 kids, different schools, same finish time). Then my boy has a football presentation/training/meet and greet with a new team tonight so if I do get out it will be a short sharp session later today.

We'll see.

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