Another two days

Posted on: 10 May 2017

Yesterday (Tuesday) I left the dog at home and went out by myself. When I run with him I have to keep stopping for various dog related reasons and I wanted to see how far I could go without all the interruptions. Well pretty good as it turned out. OK, it was a measly two miles but it was two miles with no stops, no walks, no disturbances. Slightly deviated our usual route, I have found that despite running on trails (which I much prefer to do as the routes are so much more scenic) I am usually a little slower that if I ran on concrete. Yesterday was ¾ mile on a gravel track but then I turned left into a housing estate and ran the long way round (ie, the outside, the road is a mile long bend) and back to my start point. Didn't time it so can't say for sure that it was quicker than normal but I believe it was.

Today (Wednesday) Mitchel was at football training so I mapped out a 3 mile off road route to do after dropping him off. Done this route once before but didn't realise that I was running pretty much uphill all the way again. 1.5 miles later I stopped for a few minutes then ran back and, once again, got back quicker that I got there. Oh, I took the dog with me today as I was 99% sure we wouldn't meet any other dogs. I did walk some of the out route but I ran most of the return, only stopping to loosen a tight shoe lace.

So, a boring blog today but now it is recorded. The running is slowly getting there, now to do something about my weight. 18st 1lb yesterday morning and I still eat too much rubbish food. Only I can change that habit.

Never ever give up


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