2 again

Posted on: 11 May 2017

Another 2 miles ticked off. Another non stop run ticked off. 5 miles in two days is a lot for me these days but it is done and I am happy with it. And it proves that if I keep going, keep at it, things should improve even more. I have noticed my back isn't hurting as much nor as early in a run as it was. Maybe I am managing it better with selective walk breaks or maybe I am getting stronger in that area. If I did more core exercises (currently I do none so that wouldn't be hard) things will get even better. Things to ponder (and actually do eh?).

Didn't take the mutt again today and again found it easier as I didn't have to worry about him. Poor bugger gives me that look as I leave, he has associated me filling my water bottle with him going for a run but he was disappointed today when I left without him. He's got the ump with me now and is sitting on the stairs and ignoring me.

Well that is for today. Friday was always a rest day but to be honest, if I am only running two miles do I really need it? I understand that when the distances get longer the rest is needed. Or maybe I should hit the gym for an hour instead of running. Actually, that sounds like a good idea.

Never ever give up 

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