CBA today

Posted on: 17 May 2017

Really, I can't be a**** to run today. So I did. Runners eh, even when we aren't in the mood we still do it. Took the dog today so that meant no timer, no point if I have to keep stopping to sort him out. We did what has now become my regular two mile route, it wasn't a struggle as such but he does slow me down a bit. How a dog with four legs compared to my two can slow me down I don't know but trust me, he does. Even though he runs off like a loony it still takes me longer to run with him than it does without him. I also had to take a walk break today, and that is entirely his fault. Obviously. I have to keep slowing down to let him catch up (despite going off at 100mph I soon overtake him because a leaf smells fantastic or a patch of grass needs peeing on). All this slowing and speeding up disturbs any rythm (who am I kidding?) and eventually I walked a bit. Not far and I am a little disappointed with myself as I have'nt walked in a few runs but I need to remember that it is sometimes OK to take a walk break so I shan't  beat myself up over it and look forward to tomorrow. With no dog. 

Never ever give up 



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