London calling

Posted on: 20 May 2017

The first time I have been on here in a little while and hadn't realised the changes that have appeared on this site - might explain why it seemed so quiet in realbuzz world , I guess i am not receiving the blog updates in my mail again ! So apologies if i haven't commented on anything in the past month , I will get back on it right away . 

Time is a precious commodity at the moment with summer upon us my boys are keeping us busy . Billy plays Tennis once a week , trains at cricket and plays on Sunday while Jack trains at Tennis at least twice a week , plays in tennis matches , trains at cricket and plays one or sometimes two cricket matches a week - thats a lot of travelling for us and all on different days , it's a real military exercise sorting out dinners , shopping and all the other stuff . However i don't begrudge any of it because my boys are setting themselves up for a healthy future . I also like to think I setting some kind of example with all the running and fitness :)

Me , i am in the last throes of my latest Hal Higdon training plan for the London 10000 on bank holiday Monday and to say I am looking forward to it is an understatement . I AM BUZZING !! . Training has been hard and thorough , up to  5/6 times a week with alternate intervals and  tempo and race pace runs every 2nd week . I had to switch today and do the last long run as i am taking Jack to Silverstone tommorow . I got up nice and early and made my way to the canal . Nice and bright first thing so i donned my running glasses as the sun was low . I passed a family of swans with 3 little babies on the bank - I was a little nervous passing the parents thinking they might go for me but they were too busy preening to bother with the skinny orange thing running past!! 8 miles at 90 seconds under target pace and I was spot on . I also noticed one or two new running faces this morning which was nice to see . I'm smiling , things are going good for me at present , no injuries and I have also been trying out a new warm up routine of drills including standing leg swings , toe touches ,assisted knee lifts , and lateral squats . I feel really loose and ready to rock and roll after that lot .

So this week is about taking it nice and easy , no more than 4 runs with a just a short interval session on wednesday . And early to bed !!! 

Have a great weekend and keep smiling no matter how tough it gets .

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